߲Ƶ Students from the Class of 2022 in the Quad Prior to Matriculation

Apply: Arts & Science

The ߲Ƶ experience is distinctive, exciting and memorable. We are the smallest undergraduate college in the Faculty of Arts & Science at the University of Toronto. Our small size means that you will find a personalized academic environment and a vibrant social community.

We have a long-standing tradition of innovative and interdisciplinary education. You will study with leading scholars in small classes and have exceptional learning opportunities. For first-year students, Trinity offers the Margaret MacMillan Trinity One Program in six streams, which is among the many . Our robust scholarshipԻ bursary program rewards academic excellence and supports those in financial need.

Whether you are from the Toronto area or a community across the globe, Trinity is definitely an inspiring place where you will feel you belong. If you have any questions about Trinity or the admission process, please email Trinity’s Office of the Registrar at trinity.registrar@utoronto.ca. You can also book a campus tour to experience all that Trinity has to offer!


Our favourite places: Trinity students provide an inside look at some of the beautiful and interesting places in and around the College campus


Why Canadian students from coast to coast choose the University of Toronto, featuring ߲Ƶ students Nathan Kuehne and Dante Wong