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Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Theological Studies is a four-year program in research in one or more of the subject areas of theology. The program is intended to provide students with the analytical skills, methodological rigour and knowledge base that will enable them to carry out innovative research at the leading edges of their areas of specialization. In practical terms, the purpose of the program is to produce graduates who will be qualified to teach theological (and related) subjects in universities, liberal arts colleges and theological schools. Secondary purposes include equipping persons for positions of leadership in ecclesiastical and related organizations, or for academically enhanced ministerial practice.

The program distinguishes itself by its attention to methodological rigour within an interdisciplinary framework and by the unique ecumenical context provided by the Toronto School of Theology. The PhD is offered conjointly by ߲Ƶ and the University of Toronto. Length: Normal length is four years.


The Faculty of Divinity will provide financial support to assist students in making time for their studies with ߲Ƶ, including teaching assistantships, fellowships and bursaries. Current, we are able to provide financial assistance of at least $6,000 annually for the first four years for doctoral students.

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