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Many courses can be audited (non-credit). Auditors participate in classes with the permission of, and according to the policy set forth by, the instructor of the course, but do not receive credit for the course or an academic transcript listing the course. The requirement for non-credit students is only regular attendance, class participation, and completing the readings. Auditors may not write the final examination for the course or submit comparable materials that would be equivalent to the final examination. Auditing students do not receive any assessment and no transcript is issued for audited courses. Courses taken as audit may not be converted to credit at a later date.

To see a list of the term’s offerings and their dates/times, please see our academic courses page. To enroll in a course as an auditor, please complete the . The cost is $250 per course. Students currently enrolled in a degree program at TST do not pay (must have a REG status for the term). The deadline to enroll as an auditor is the same as the last day to add a course during the term, and can be found . Please note that there are no refunds once a class has started. Tax receipts are not issued for audited courses.

To audit a course offered by another college, please see their registrar or website for the appropriate form.


Successfully auditing 7 or more Orthodox courses will lead to aStatement of Recognition for Orthodox and Eastern Christian Studiesfrom ߲Ƶ attesting to the achievement.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Faculty of Divinity

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