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Working at Trinity


Trinity staff, faculty and members of our academic community are known for their unwavering dedication to students. Our communal nature and small size means our close-knit community offers students a supportive, personalized and engaging academic and social environment. We are a diverse and caring workforce, and our collective work is guided by the pillars of our Strategic Plan.

The Human Resources & Equity Office functions as a service partner in the design and delivery of employment services and programs to meet the College’s strategic goals. The Office aims to:

  • Recruit and retain talented employees
  • Provide an inclusive, welcoming and safe working environment
  • Provide a supportive environment and opportunities to develop their fullest potential

For current employment opportunities at the College, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Annabella Yellan
Director, Human Resources & Equity
416-978-8760 ext. 68760