Graham InfoExpress is the John W. Graham Library’s premium time-sensitive document delivery service exclusively for Trinity and Wycliffe faculty, instructors and fellows conducting research. The Graham InfoExpress service retrieves books, articles and other materials from the Graham Library, other University of Toronto libraries, online databases, and inter-library loan. Items are delivered to and picked up from faculty offices. It is geared towards meeting research needs, especially the immediate; we aim to fill requests within 3 business days.

Email: infoexpress.grahamlibrary@utoronto.ca
Tel: 416-946-8758
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00-4:00


Who provides the Graham InfoExpress Service?

The main contact for the Graham InfoExpress is Adrienne Findley-Jones. Adrienne will be your contact for any requests and she will follow up with you on the progress of your request, but all of the staff at the Graham Library play a role in ensuring that materials are available and accessible on a timely basis.

Who is eligible to use Graham InfoExpress Service?

The Provost of ߲Ƶ and the Principal of Wycliffe College, All Program Directors and Deans of Trinity or Wycliffe Colleges, All full-time faculty members with offices at Trinity or Wycliffe Colleges, and Trinity and Wycliffe instructors. TST Graduate students are eligible for the Journal portion of the InfoExpress service: this provides journal articles and book chapters within copyright compliance You must have current borrowing privileges and a valid TCard to use this service. Cards issued directly from the Graham Library are not eligible. We ask that you limit your Graham InfoExpress requests to materials that relate to your own teaching and research.

How do I submit a request? How long does it take?

Please send Graham InfoExpress requests to infoexpress.grahamlibrary@utoronto.ca. Include as much citation information as possible to allow us to quickly identify the materials you require. When your email request is received and read (usually the same or next business day), Graham InfoExpress will send you an email confirmation. We try to deliver requested items to you within two or three business days. If an item cannot be delivered to you within three business days, we will notify you by email and continually update you on our efforts to retrieve the item.

Will Graham InfoExpress Service go to other libraries and retrieve materials for me?

Absolutely! We will retrieve items from other libraries on St. George campus, other U of T Libraries and interlibrary loan.

If I send a list of items, how long will it take for Graham InfoExpress to retrieve all items?

We do not place a limit on the number of items you can request. When you send a list of items to Graham InfoExpress, we will deliver the materials to you as we receive them, instead of in a one-time delivery. Depending on the number of requests we have from other users of the service, we may have to limit the number of documents we can deliver to you in any one day. We will provide you updates on our progress as we work through your list.

Will I receive articles/essays in hard copy or electronic format?

If the item you request is available electronically in a page-image format, Graham InfoExpress will send you the item as an email attachment. If you prefer to receive the item in paper, let us know when you send in your request. We can also scan print items for you (within U of T copyright guidelines) if you prefer to have them delivered electronically. Scanning multiple items may affect delivery time.

How are hardcopy items delivered to me?

We can deliver items to your mailbox or you can pick them up from the Graham Library’s Circulation Desk. We can also deliver materials directly to your office at a pre-arranged times and we can also pick them up and return them for you!

May my student research assistant use Graham InfoExpress on my behalf?

No. Graham InfoExpress is a personal service intended exclusively for faculty, instructors and fellows. We are unable to process submitted request by research assistants on your behalf. We are also unable to deliver InfoExpress items to your research assistant.

How do I return borrowed books that Graham InfoExpress delivers to me?

Please return all U of T library books to the Graham Library, either at the Circulation Desk or through the outside book drop. All interlibrary loan books must be returned to the Circulation Desk. We can also arrange with you to pick books up from your office.

Can I use Graham InfoExpress for course reading purposes?

No. The two services are distinct: one supports your research directly, while the other supports your in-class teaching. Requests for course readings submitted through InfoExpress will be processed by the Course Reading Service as time and resources permit.

Can I recommend a book through InfoExpress?

Absolutely! If the material you request is not available at any of the U of T campus libraries and it would be a beneficial addition to our collection, we can order it.

Is there anything Graham InfoExpress cannot do for me?

One thing: Graham InfoExpress cannot violate copyright laws. If one of your requests raises a copyright concern, we will contact you to work out a satisfactory solution.